History of Trout Valley


Yet Trout Valley is also secluded with many amenities to support a rich and varied style of living. Whether your passions include equestrian sports, tennis, swimming, hiking, fishing or just plain entertainment of friends, Trout Valley provides member-only access to facilities for support of these activities. Access is available to the Fox River and Chain-of-Lakes from a private beach area which includes a playground, basketball courts, a marina, boat launch area, and a state-of-the-art community center. There is a second community center available for larger gatherings. The Valley has its own swimming pool and tennis courts whose membership is open only to residents. Formal and informal clubs exist to further interests and knowledge in such areas as gardening, books, and area history. Several times a year, the residents can enjoy Association- and Village-sponsored social events geared to young and old alike.

As a great place to live, Trout Valley offers many advantages. Lots and houses are large, with wonderful views. Many areas are heavily wooded, attracting many birds and other wildlife. The area is convenient to public transportation and major highways, making it easy to get to work or play. The Cary-Fox River Grove area boasts fine schools at all levels and has easy access to both McHenry County College and W.R. Harper College for continued learning. Nearby are first-class shopping areas, fine restaurants, and varied commercial services. McHenry County has numerous parks and recreation areas and Trout Valley is within the Cary Library and Park Districts.
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