The Legend.

The area that is now Trout Valley had its origins eons ago when glaciers were carving the land into gently rolling hills. Ice sheets up to a mile thick formed land and lakes as they swept down from the frigid north. As it advanced, the ice pushed mounds of gravel, rock and broken ice in front of the leading edge. When, at last, the glacier stopped in McHenry County, the retreating ice left this debris to form the hills, gravel deposits and springs of Trout Valley and the surrounding area. The land slowly recovered from the glacier, resulting in green hills, hardwood forests and large open areas at the edge of the Great Plains.

Eventually, Native Americans settled the area, giving rise to the Algonquin, Fox, and Ojibwa tribes. These were followed the late 1700's by the first Europeans, trapping and exploring their way down the Mississippi River valley. They paved the way for farmers and townspeople that began arriving in the early 1800's. Cary Station was founded and became an active center for trade and farming. The area matured into one of a number of communities along the Chicago and Northwestern railway.

In modern times, Trout Valley has been marked by three distinctly different landowners with their unique activities in the area:  John Hertz, Curtiss Farms and Trout Valley homeowners.






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